A VCs Take on Pepsico10

We spoke with Michael Gaiss, Sr Vice President out of Boston for Highland Capital Partners, July 28 at Pepsico10 about HCP’s role in the event, some impressions and themes. We also did a quick follow-on interview to see how HCP qualifies investments for emerging technology companies and how that can align with how marketers make bets in new spaces. We’ll present the follow-up in a future post.

Here’s our video interview with summary notes below:

Select Investments: VistaPrint, Lululemon, Conor Medsystems, Starent Networks, Quattro Wireless, Turbine

Emerging Media Companies: Scvngr, Gemvara, Digg

Breadth of Investments: Consumer, Healthcare, Info Systems & Digital Media

Introduced to Pepsico last Summer: jazzed around their objectives and shared affinities with the kinds of companies Highland invests in.

Large themes from Pepsico10: direction of video and how to take advantage in a clean safe way; Mobile & how to capitalize on it as people shift from computer to mobile device.

Pepsico10 impressions—hats off to Pepsico. Pushing the trend in this area in terms of a fairly large yet progressive organization in getting their arms around innovation and how it can affect their culture. Progressive, innovative Fortune 100-500 companies would look to this model as an opportunity to get ahead of the curve competitively, ways they can better engage their consumer base, or embrace and adopt new, emerging technologies.

Benefit for participating start-ups: Michael says he spotted some that peaked their interest, which they would want to learn more about and track in the future, so clearly the investment in participating for these start-ups went beyond the commercial opportunity to landing on the right radars.

How do you pick the top bets in emerging media? I have my thoughts & will share them with HCP’s strategy for picking in a future post.

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