On A Mission with Blogher

During Pepsico10 we caught up with Gina Garrubbo, Exec Vice President of Blogher. Our chat spanned blogger engagement, blogging principles and a little about Blogher, the company and her impressions of the event. Thought it was interesting that Gina described Blogher as a “mission-based company.”  When you see more about their company below it may be more apparent why it’s ingenious that they position their solution this way. That notion sparked some thinking for me which will be presented in a future post. In the meantime, here’s a few minutes with Gina Garrubbo.

Summary Notes:

Best way to market in the blogging environment? The approach, message and activity has to be “authentic, meaningful and measurable” according to Gina. For any marketer with experience in this area, this is second-nature. The idea of “fit” and context is a requirement gaining steam in all Social/New media. Fit means knowing the environment, being sensitive to how and what is presented and doing what you can to minimize the interruptive aspects of advertising while still earning the return you seek. Tropicana Example of a marketing program that fit: http://www.blogher.com/groups/juice

What makes a great blogger? Authenticity, humor, timely, voice, connections and keeping it Real. Example: http://thepioneerwoman.com/

Pepsico10 impressions: Very smart. New ideas. Young companies showcased in an easy way for brands to learn. Other new companies with the best and brightest ideas will come first to Pepsi.

About Blogher: Blogher is a “mission-based company.” Their mission is to get women’s voices heard and to ensure women get paid for blogging. Operationally, they have to primary areas of focus—events and media. Events are conferences for women bloggers to connect, learn and network, and brands pay to participate in these events as well. On the Media side their network of 2500 women bloggers reach over 21 million unique viewers a month.

I think the network solves a few unique challenges for marketers interested in working with women bloggers: 1) puts a professional face to the widest possible ranges of business acumen, personalities and expectations from 2500 creator-types; 2) educates brands about best way to engage in the new editorial environment; 3) standardizes best practices, ad formats and sponsorships to ensure consistent marketer and consumer experiences. Based on the wide range of community constituents and advertising clients, a mission-basis isn’t just a nicety, but a necessity. You need to have a higher mission to organize and align the uninitiated, disorganized and disintermediated as well as the thought leaders and pioneers in a space.

More on missions in a future post; please add your thoughts about Missions below to inform that effort.

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