Apple by the Numbers According to Jobs

In today’s Apple event announcing new product news around an entirely revamped iPod product line, re-formed AppleTV and other innovations, Steve Jobs shared some performance numbers across a variety of devices, platforms and markets. More than the features, the numbers interested me. Probably the biggest one is 160 million user accounts with 1-click buying ability. Here’s a run-down of those numbers:

Apple Stores

  • 1mm visitors/day at peak across 10 countries and 300 stores
  • 80,000 1-to-1 classes/week
  • 50% buying first Mac


  • 230,000 activating daily
    • Doesn’t include updates
    • “think we’re ahead of everybody” Jobs said


  • 200 downloaded/second
  • over 6.5b downloaded
  • 250k apps; 25k for iPad


  • 275 million sold
    • Does anyone know many iPods there are per household? Imagine there’s more to be learned in the distribution–such as 10% own 8+ iOS/iPod devices (this isn’t a guess or fact, just an example)–than in the averages (1.7/household for instance)
    • Do we expect greater ubiquity due to a glut of used iPods on the market as existing consumers upgrade?
  • Touch – “iPhone without the contract”
    • #1 portable game player with over 50% US + Worldwide market share – outselling Nintendo and Sony combined


  • 11.7 billion songs downloaded
  • 450 million TV episodes
  • 100 million movies
  • 35 million books
  • 160 million accounts w/credit cards + 1-click buying(!)

As impressive of an innovation pipeline that this represents for Apple, the scale and success of their platform performance promises more game-changing by this company in the future. Some areas that come to mind that they’re poised to or have already began to reform the rules:

  • Telephone rates/contracts (Carriers, Conferencing)
  • Content rates/release windows/viewability (Studios)
  • Gaming devices and networks (Studios)
  • Social Networks around music (think MySpace, iLike)
  • Events/Entertainment (Live events)
  • Payments (eWallets, Credit Cards, Points/Rewards systems)

Want to weigh in on any of these thoughts or your reactions to the news and information from Steve Jobs today?

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