Empathy can save us, Jeremy Rifkin presentation

In our practice we use Digital Ethnography to generate consumer-connected insights that power our ideation for marketing programs that dramatize the greatest truths for our clients and their brands. We bake our ethnographic discoveries and quantitative research into consumer segments, profiles or personas depending on how they will be applied. Ultimately these activities serve to create greater empathy to the needs and motivations of consumers so we serve our marketing objectives and unlock business growth. That’s how we employ empathy at Real Branding.

So, it was validating and humbling to watch Jeremy Rifkin’s presentation below, which was delivered at the Royal Society of the Arts on March 15, 2010. If introductions are in order, Mr. Rifkin is a prolific author, global advisor and has been a senior lecturer at the Wharton School’s Executive Education Program at the University of Pennsylvania since 1994.

  • Validating were the benefits derived for strategists, writers, designers, developers and marketers: empathy triggers somethings–mirror neurons specifically–in our brains to connect with others in a way that they are an extension of us. Like family, not consumers.
  • Humbling was the realization that our application, while great for our practice, is essential to us achieving a unifying vision for our one-race and one-planet in this lifetime to create real change

Enjoy this fascinating, 10-minute representation of his talk at the RSA animated through illustration.

You can also watch the longer, 55-minute version:

And you can find spirited commentary debating the quality of Jeremy’s sources of information on TED’s Best of the Web post.

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