Magic Kingdom gets some Playdom

With the closing contract ink still only a week-old we had a chance to speak with Playdom VP of Business Development, Sean Phinney, and Head of Sales, Ben Chen, to discuss SocialGaming for consumers, marketers and what Disney entering the picture through their acquisition can mean. First, a look at what Disney acquired:

Between 2008 and 2010 Playdom grew from 10 employees working on one game on one platform (Facebook) to nearly 500 employees, 18 games, multi-platform and 42+ million Monthly Average Users (MAUs). They’ve become the third most trafficked gaming company in a field that seems to favor first-movers that get to scale with some hits–the rich get richer. More than just games and traffic, Disney also acquired an incredible set of IP–intellectual property–around game mechanics; user experience, optimization and acquisition; scaling infrastructures from legal to marketing and operations.

Here’s the first of two videos from Playdom executives talking about the Social Gaming space, the company and the Magic Kingdom. We’ll start with Sean Phinney, VP Business Development for Playdom:

In brief, there are a number of opportunities that I read into Sean’s comments for brands to capitalize on 7 million DAUs & 45 million MAUs with strong growth ahead as they seek to implement their intergation plans:

  • Find ways to bridge the Real Worlds and these Virtual Rewards/Goods/Worlds
  • Find ways to apply IP relationships with Disney/Marvel/ESPN/etc. into the gaming environment–for instance, if securing marketing rights around the Marvel/Thor movie, will their be a way to extend across a number of Playdom properties?
  • Your media has currency for recruiting more users who monetize at varying rates by game at a lower cost of acquisition

Finding natural ways your brands can add value within these gaming environments can become the “Magic Playdom” for brands.

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