Interview: Ken Willner, Zumobi CEO

This week we caught up with Ken Willner, CEO of Zumobi, at the AppNation conference. Zumobi builds mobile apps for media companies and marketers and also have built an ad network for in-App advertising. Ken’s got a great perspective earned from 15-years agency-side then in the senior marketing role at AT&T before taking up his current role. With millions of uniques a month over a wide variety of apps, we pressed Ken for some thoughts on what they’re seeing in the space. Here’s the interview:


  • How important Moms are in Apps category. Huge demand for creating content for that category
  • Smart-phone discussion: iPhone/iOS is still winning, but Android coming up fast
  • Two platform development simplicity part of what’s driving the market, but it’s been catalyzed by Apple–vertical integration of software, device, vision, etc. to create model that others can then replicate

What are you seeing out there? Either/or or And when it comes to Apps and device preferences?

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