Weekly Round-Up 9/27/10


In case you missed it, some breaking numbers and general overview of the state of an AppNation–Apps ecosystem .

Social Mission

Soon, all brands will have clearly articulated social missions as part of their go-to-market strategy. Join our experiment in Social Missions and take a close look at the leading corporate example in scale, vision and implementation, Pepsi Refresh.

Location based

Geolocation space is the one to watch right now, as impact, device-counts, networks, meta-data, distribution and applications continue to grow: – 5 Important New Trends in Location


Smart critical review of new movie, The Social Network = Hollywood’s inferiority, fear & awe for Silicon Valley projected on a cold (& fictional) Zuckerberg

Social Gaming

Advertising virtually absent from Social Gaming at Gamer Confab – 225mm Monthly Average Users (MAUs) for Zynga alone need engagement. Good follow-up to last week’s round-up w/posts on Playdom and SocialGaming; more soon on our take on the space for markters.


Confirmed: Twitter to Launch Real-Time Analytics Dashboard, for Free!


Cable TV model has only “several years” left, says Verizon CEO

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