Weekly Round Up 1/24/11

Social Gaming News

  • Analyst Speak – Where is Social Gaming headed in 2011? SG sector should look beyond Facebook for more players
  • Driven by an increase in advertising, Social Gaming market expected to hit $1 billion this year, eMarketer reports–btw, speaking with players beyond the U.S. I believe eMarketer are sandbagging this number. Revenues in Asia alone eclipse this projection and Valley analysts have already guesstimated >$1 billion in virtual goods revenues within privately-held, pre-IPO SocialGaming companies.

Social Commerce

  • After a daily deal selling Amazon gift cards, Living Social establishes itself as a serious Groupon rival
  • Another way to get in on a daily deal – Google to launch Group Offers, the search giant’s Groupon competitor

Apple Bites

  • Some perspective on Apple reported numbers: on pace to sell 65 million iPhones for >$40 billion, or 40%, of revenue this year
  • Teaser for the February 10th launch – Verizon launches first iPhone 4 commercial on YouTube
  • High Ground: Apple maintains its well-lit Apps Store curator position by denying Playboy a place in its storefront
  • And more for bookmarking along with well wishes, Steve Jobs took his second Leave of Absence as CEO of Apple in the past two years to focus on his health. As the architect of the greatest corporate recovery in history, let’s hope his personal recovery is as successful.

Other Moves

  • Larry Page to assume CEO role replacing Eric Schmidt as CEO on April 4
  • Amazon broadens their market for video-on-demand service, as the company acquires LoveFilm, the Netflix of Europe

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