Super Bowl Ad Round-Ups: PepsiCo

This post was inspired by a poll & roll of PepsiCo TV spots on AdAge (subscription required after a certain date). By curating these ads in one post I’m hoping to keep the content evergreen. Here are AdAge’s picks for best Super Bowl spots from PepsiCo of all time, along with a some light analysis of an arc you can find between the years, spots and various expressions of the brand. Which are your favs? Any missing? Pls respond with comments below:

Super Bowl XLII (2008) Justin Timberlake “Magentic”

Super Bowl XXVI (1992) Cindy Crawford “New Cans”

Super Bowl XXX (1996) “Cheating Heart” Coke Delivery Guy

Super Bowl XLIII (2009) Bob Dylan & “Forever Young” Anthem

Super Bowl XXVI (2002) Britney over the Ages from the 50s to the present, “For Those Who Think Young”

Super Bowl XL (2006) Diddy & Mohr in Brown & Bubbly w/Diet Pepsi spouting off.

Super Bowl XLII (2008) Diet Pepsi Max w/head-nodding Dance bit featuring “What is Love?”

Super Bowl XXXIX (2005) Diet Pepsi “Pimp my Truck” with p Diddy & Carson Daly

Super Bowl XXVIII (1994) Shaq gets shut down on the court with Pepsi: tag=”Be Young Have Fun”

Super Bowl XLIII (2009) Pepsi Max “I’m Good” spot

Super Bowl XXV (1991) Ray Charles “You Got The Right One, Baby” for Diet Pepsi

Early in my advertising career I applied some of Roland Barthes’ Semiotics-inspired thought process on the diet Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) category and discovered Ponce de Leon’s object, The Fountain of Youth, as the core  brief. If you play back the ads above and consider the ones below you’ll see truth to what I discovered. In fact, some spots over the years are worse than others at letting “the strategy sick out.” You see overt transformations from old to young, transitions to youthful energy and imagery along with life springs spraying up continually in a fountain of refreshment.

A few more spots to make the Ponce de Leon proud:

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory and brand-development lane. If you want to read more by Barthes, I found his book Mythologies a great place to start.

For the Super Bowl spots, what’s missing? What do you love or hate about these spots? Let’s hear it below.

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