Weekly Round-Up 2/14/11

Happy Valentines Day. Last week we talked Egypt, Huffpo and Superbowl. These topics and a few more made the round-up. Here’s an assortment of sweet moments to chew on from the past week:

An alternative take on the role of tech in revolution: People, not things, are the tools of revolution – Thesis-Twitter and Facebook are indeed useful tools, but they are not essential why a revolution succeeds

Pandora gets going on path to IPO and files a registration statement on Form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission

RIP Guitar Hero. Activision cancels game that was in development for 2011 after significant industry wide declines in console business overall as well as in the music game business

Groupon gets a “clue-pon” and axes controversial ad campaign in response to Super Bowl spot criticism. I commented on an AdAge article about this development–what do you think?

With so much instant, mobile access to online deals and metadata around products and locations is loyalty to brands is taking a beating? We’ve heard perfect pricing predictions, but will apps kill brand loyalty?

In Digital Era, music spotters feed a machine – As the major record labels shrink, Shazam and other start-ups are thriving by offering people new ways to discover and listen to music.

Rumor mill: Apple reportedly exploring introducing a smaller, cheaper iPhone model

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