Weekly Round-Up 4/17/11

 Round-up of last week’s activities:

adTech Recap

Launched Apps Session

  • Anthem wants to know what apps you covet most and which apps professionals are using everyday to for business and fun. Use the hashtag #AnthemApp to discover, react & share your own favs.

Trends Lunch

Every month Anthem San Francisco hosts a “Trends Lunch” where we discuss emerging trends around us in marketing, design, technology and culutre. It’s an energizing and inspiring mix of show and tell with wtf. I’ll do a separate post on one of our designer’s take on fun with packaging.

  • One of the themes this month was melting displays.  What’s your take on “why the melt-meme?”
  • How much are you willing to spend on household items?  One trend that’s swimming against the recessionary consumer current: make it more expensive. Here’s a $1240 bottle of olive oil from Herrod’s and the most expensive toilet paper out there!
  • There’s talk of a moment in human and computing evolution when the latter gain awareness, called “Singularity.” Feels like we’re almost at an advertising singularity, or at least ubiquity.  Now, you can cash in on this trend if you’re willing to offer up your house as a canvas. There’s a company that will paint your house with an ad and pay for your mortgage, inspiring the following response tweet:


  • Cisco says Flip Video doesn’t align with the five areas the company wants to focus on, so they say goodbye. We think there was writing on the wall with the iPhone that became indelible with the iPad2, the first commercial/accessible device where you can shoot, edit and post your videos on the same platform.

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