Weekly Round Up for 5/23/11

Social Media

  • Social media has a secret weapon: Email. Thoughts from Union Square Venture Partners’ Fred Wilson. I agree with his conclusions and will raise the issue one-better. Social|Local|Mobile programs require an armada of traditional media and channels support to succeed—from POS and advertising support to sales support, email marketing and more. So, the rise of these new media doesn’t have to spell the end of traditional marketing; in fact we’ll need more not less of those disciplines and artisans around
  • 15 marketing and social media trends of 2011 – by Rohit Bhargava; mid-year & how are they holding up so far?
  • Learn about some LinkedIn Lessons
  • AdWeek did a fluff-piece on Klout, a company that rates the influence of tweeters by 35 attributes including tallying retweets, responses, Facebook likes and click-throughs to produce an influence score. Not much in the article about the nuance and opportunity Klout represents, but it’s a company worth serious consideration
Shameless Self-Promotion


In case you missed it, each of the individuals called out above–Fred Wilson, Rohit Bhargava and Steve Rubel all deserve a click and Twitter follow.

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