Weekly Roundup July 23-27, 2012

Let the games begin. A look at the Olympics consumption in the era of social and mobile:

  • A breakdown of NBC’s complete social and digital Olympic coverage
  • NBC & Facebook second-screen partnership: data from Facebook Talk Meter reflected in broadcast 
  • NBC partners with Twitter with Olympic Twitter Tracker with tracking done via official Olympic page launch, aggregating content on the #Olympics event page from Olympians, @NBCOlympics, @Olympics (IOC), @USOlympic (USOC)
  • GE sponsors Olympic Twitter Tracker on NBCOlympics.com and creates #healthyshare to focus human and athlete health insights
  • Despite extensive on and offline coverage, NBC still requires proof of subscription to access livestreams. Here’s how unplugged users adapt with crowd-sourced answers.
  • As we see NBC’s strategy to drive viewership and interest, here’s a recap of SocialTV on SlideShare, and voice over below:

Concluding this week’s recap for all you MoBros and MoSistas that support men’s health with facial hair awareness in Movember, it’s never to early to plot out your best looks: get your PhD in facial hair here.

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