About me: 20+ years advertising and marketing; 13+ years dedicated new media entrepreneur; devoted husband and delighted father. The PR spin includes “digital pioneer,” credentialed by one of the earliest social network sites as well as one of the first 100 commercial websites and a leading U.S. digital marketing agency. I’ll try to avoid that kind of hyperbole and keep it to “innate curiosity and passion for forming meaning in new media,” whether it be a commercial community around digital media strategy, marketing and development–RealBranding.com–to contributing to communities of shared passion–RealBeer.com and maybe even this small corner of the debate here.

Topics include entertainment, consumer goods, B2B and general trends applied to digital marketing. Expect a few tidbits about breaking technology that may seem old news to digital media junkies but that will be entering commercial relevance when it hits here. There will be a lens on potential applications for companies, brands and marketers. And you’ll find the odd social commentary of memes we think are entering the zeitgeist.

About the Blog’s Name: Take an advertising term, open it up and reapply for digital marketing and trends commentary. Hopefully what you end up with is something worth reading, reacting to and sharing.

Wikipedia definition: Share of Voice is a brand’s or group of brands’ advertising weight expressed as a percentage of a defined total market or market segment in a given time period. The weight is usually defined in terms of expenditure, ratings, pages, poster sites etc.

 Be Great.

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  1. I love the drawings in your header…done by you?

  2. Would you consider selling your domain?

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