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Back Blogging

I’ve gone blog-silent over the last three weeks as heavy travel, client work and new business took me out of action. I’m back with some observations from the blog sidelines and around Social Media. I’m using more Social Media tools as they’re faster and easier to update than the blog format. In fact, they’re contributing to some of the absence. See an audit of the tools, how I’m using them and why for more. Continue reading

Treat Your Digital Talent Well

Brian Morrissey of Adweek asks on twitter: “is it cool for an agency to poke fun at the juniors stuck in the office while they whoop it up on the riviera?” and links over to his AdFreak blog post on the subject.

It’s worse than uncool, Brian, it’s another expression of the many ways that these titan(ic) agencies devalue their digital talent and digital in general. It’s categorized as “banner advertising” and lowly work when in fact it’s calling upon the smartest, most strategic people in the industry to implement effectively. And it’s often the juniors in these agencies that hold the greatest resident knowledge on how and why the digital channel works for brands in a way that respects the consumer.

Perhaps contempt for the digital discipline and talent is what happens at these parties which celebrate most heavily the last gasps of one-way and interruptive media. Those execs booking their retirement tickets to Boca Raton aren’t flaunting their excesses. They simply don’t know better and don’t need to. They’ll be outta here before the in-crowd is in.

And, for those smart, hardworking and valued people making things work at McCann or other BDAs, we want to hear from you. If you’re suffering from boulder fatigue–tired of pushing that rock up the hill in the face of arrogance and ignorance–consider a pure-play digital agency for a change. The water cooler conversation is a little bit smarter and the connections between you, the brand and the consumers are real.

Thoughts? Please comment below.

Bringing You “Under The Radar” Companies

We’re at Under The Radar today to see how emerging companies are capitalizing on the emerging trends in digital media.

You can follow the twitterstream on And, if the embed code works on wordpress, you can see the “twitterfountain” below.

Social Media in Plain Ice Cream

Lee LeFever has been simplifying concepts in digital media via his ultra-accessible “The Common Craft Show.” I have posted previous shows, and want to share the latest, Social Media in Plain English. He uses the Ice Cream as a metaphor for content people like to consume and brilliantly shows the long-tail in this simple alegory. Enjoy this digital sorbet:

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iPhone Was Just The Start: Peek at Android Device

VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra delivered an Android demonstration during his keynote at Google I/O conference today at the SF Moscone Convention Center. There’s a fair amount of flattery to the Apple iPhone/iTouch user interface and definitely signals progress for handset makers, content providers/media and perhaps carriers. My verdict’s out on the carriers as their data plans make little sense to the consumer, add little value (not much benefit over wifi) and feel short-term–lots of dislocation potential within these technologies demonstrated today.

And a quick demo of “streets” view–check out what happens when he flips it into compass mode. Location based content gets a big boost when this becomes the expected consumer outcome.

More on the Andriod platform here:

Digital Marketing POVs

Last month Susan Bratton interviewed me for her Dishy Mix podcast, blog and transcript publications. The interview drew a number of responses and I selected a few to answer. You can read them in more detail by following the links and I encourage you to comment with your thoughts, counterpoints and builds. And congratulations on those selected:

Hope you’ll weigh in with your thoughts either at the Dishy Mix blog or in the comments below.

A Real Brand Can Stand Parody, Flattery

A great idea usually inspires other great ideas, even if in reaction to them. You see a fair amount of parody, imitation and adoration when searching brand terms on YouTube, Flickr, etc. That’s merchandising for Real Brands and can be an opportunity to listen, respond, stunt (IMHO, Marvel’s Cease & Desist to Techblogger Arrington re: Iron Man screening was just that) and maybe even innovate. The mega-benefit of posting + parody + commenting + rating + @replying + blogging + sharing is trust for consumers and the search algorithms that crawl all this activity. In terms of the latter, that means better organic placement.

So, if you see something out there about your brand that you don’t like, consider all your options for response and remember that your customer is smart enough to tell the parody from what’s real, even in your actions. A Real Brand can stand parody and even benefit from it. Who knows, you might even have your next big seller, as in this video for an innovation-on-innovation violation (consider watching with sound on mute if in shared office or if potentially offended by lyrics):

Digital Media Terms to Learn

We’ve been collecting and creating a growing number of terms, some of which are self explanatory, some which are insider jargon and/or purely for fun and some inspired by the unique challenges developing in the digital channel requires. Please add yours in the comments area below.

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H&R Block All Over Social Media

Great interview by Rodney at FaceReviews with Amy Worley of H&R Block. Talking about listening, not just distributing content via Social Media tools. Take a good listen yourself–the wind was blowing hard and the info is worth the time.

Learn about @replies, re-tweats and direct messages in Twitter as a signifier of listening for a brand versus just “blasting.” Impressive although I might have edited out the time being spent dispensing tax advice in Second Life. Kind of lost me there but perhaps there could be utility via vid capture or sharing outside of SL.

“Your YouTube Connected to Your SumbledUpon”

Here’s your Friday snack. A great video mash-up with retro talent–The Delta Rythm Boys–and a soundtrack about Web 2.0 connectivity brought to life on dem iPhones. Cheers!

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