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Change Everything

This post presents the content and discusses the process in my journey to create the “This Can Change Everything” presentation for iMedia Breakthrough Summit on March 21, 2011. It was a 30-45 minute discussion where I covered So|Lo|Mo, Gamification, Maker-movement and Social CRM/Caring after a hat-tip to Moore’s & Metcalfe’s laws combined with the “People” coefficient. With an extra 15-minutes allowance, I may have added connected TVs as a potential “return to the Family Room” theme. Regardless, these themes are ones that I believe can change everything in the coming years.
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Somethings About Influence

I’m going to try something different for “Share of Voice” based on my previous post about spending more screen time on other social media tools besides the blog. Periodically I am going to post an edited and organized bundle of links around a related topic. There are some heavy bloggers who can’t stand re-link population and I respect their perspective for the most part, although I think it’s a wee bit elite and assumes the masses follow the firehose of information they consume daily.  Bless them for their original links; as you’ll see below it’s why they become “Super Influencers.” I think I’ve changed these enough with context and commentary to justify this different form. If these links get used it will show up in my log-files and confirm their value. Consider this a beta-post format for me.

So let’s get this started. The link-theme today is Influence.

The Power of a Good Referral-Social Influence

Digg CEO, Jay Adelson, talks Facebook Connect & Collaborative Filtering

Good article from TechCrunch, great developments and quality video presentation at the end of this article. When you’re done reviewing, think about the game-changing implications this can mean at an enterprise and community level. Digg or similar service can essentially become our digital editorial staff. With the network effect, it could also be one of the largest unpaid distribution/traffic-driver. This is big.

Super Influence

Universal McCann’s Take on The Groundswell (16mb pdf file will open in new window)

Key takeaways about “influencer economies,” super-influencers and the democratization of influence. Titled, “When did we start trusting strangers?” this multi-country, multi-age longitudinal study supports a lot of what we already know about Web2.0 and the SocialWeb with a few new areas of focus. I like the super-influencer target and can imagine a future study that can assign volumetrics or “valuemetrics” to these brand movers.

Collective Influence

Check out this directory of presentations from last week’s Web2.0 expo in NY; it’s a great collection of people who consistently influence and inform my views on digital. Some gems in here. Some of my favorites:

  • Clay Shirky’s “it’s not about information overload it’s filter failure”
  • David Armano, “Micro-Internactions,  how brands can influence consumer behavior in a 2.0 world”
  • Mike Lazerow, “Why Brand Advertisers Will Be the Biggest Beneficiaries of Social Media and How You Can Participate”
  • Jay Adelman, “Social Collaborative Filtering”

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iPhone Was Just The Start: Peek at Android Device

VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra delivered an Android demonstration during his keynote at Google I/O conference today at the SF Moscone Convention Center. There’s a fair amount of flattery to the Apple iPhone/iTouch user interface and definitely signals progress for handset makers, content providers/media and perhaps carriers. My verdict’s out on the carriers as their data plans make little sense to the consumer, add little value (not much benefit over wifi) and feel short-term–lots of dislocation potential within these technologies demonstrated today.

And a quick demo of “streets” view–check out what happens when he flips it into compass mode. Location based content gets a big boost when this becomes the expected consumer outcome.

More on the Andriod platform here:

Happy Holidaze

In true 2.0 style I’m scribing this from my iphone about 30 minutes before 12/25/07. Ever notice how most tweats, posts, facebook messages and even emails happen “after hours” with friends in the 2.0 ecosystem? My quick theory: the Internet stack is getting so stable and rich that two guys alone in a room over a weekend can wipe out 6-months of a well funded team of 30’s first-mover advantage. The fear and urgency is real and warranted. Anyway, back to the point of the post. Our team has been so immersed in 2.0 that it took over our holiday greeting card. And like a good google app, it’s in perpetual beta. So give it a spin, pass it onto 5 friends and spread the 2.H0 cheer. Welcome to The Holidazzlr:

All our best from our families to yours. Happy Holidazes & New Year. Here’s to a healthy, happy & prosperous 2008! I’m signing off for a couple weeks. Look forward to reconnecting next year. Cheers! Silva