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Google Black

googleblack.jpgDon’t know if you caught homepage today. They turned it black to bring awareness to Earth Hour, an initiative for “lights out” from 8-9pm on 3/29/08 in honor of energy conservation. Couple of thoughts on this: 1) causes are the new black for brands; 2) changing the background on web pages has worked since 1994; more should try this sparingly when right–easy hack and says more than a headline; 3) Google has a call for action to submit your cause for their homepage… international causes should get crackin’.

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Good Use of Video to Reposition Brand

before the redesignBaby Einstein hired Real Branding to re-position their line through the digital channel. As you can see from the “before” shot to the left, we repositioned from a product towards a brand, from functional benefits to emotional in a few simple videos. These videos also serve to demo the product versus the static image you see on most ecommerce sites.  Our challenge was to take highly functional transactional requirements and marry them with equally demanding emotional expectations. This isn’t a TV spot or a print ad, but consider for a moment how much information is conveyed within your first three clicks.

There are also great tools for selecting the right products based on age, stages, fancy or fascination through simple exploration. And we’ve invited parents to share their experiences at every touch.

Without opening up the strategy completely, we’re moving the brand to a “smarter” place which parents intuitively understand: that the most powerful learning happens within their arms and intimacy, where Baby Einstein has always advocated and delivered.

Mad props to the team that delivered business-changing engagements in a transactional website for a Real Brand.

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Brand Karma Transference

Marketing Case: Unilever portfolio management. Post Summary: A real brand is a promise. An Idea is the most powerful dramatization of the truth your promise holds. It will move your team, channels, communications, operations and consumer. Your consumer will love you for making this promise. And they will hold you relentlessly accountable to live up to your promise in this consumer-in-control age. This transforms the brand role from promise to praxis: truthful execution in all expressions of the brand, including master brands or even portfolios. Continue reading