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Weekly Round-Up 5/9/11

Social|Local|Mobile –SoLoMo

  • Groupon’s fast ascension to establish and lead the deals space is challenged with the introduction of Facebook Deals and other established incumbent entrants such as Yahoo! And AT&T Interactive.  Where Groupon has to rely on paid acquisition for new email and socialgraph distribution to drive demand and activation, Facebook Deals owns those channels for 600mm worldwide. Hard to compete with “free” or sunk costs. Other Incumbents like Yahoo! And AT&T Interactive can leverage sophisticated email marketing intellectual property and systems along with other forms of communications and relationships built into their existing businesses.
  • Here’s how Facebook’s thinking about deals—something between friends
  • Facebook begins paying users to watch advertisements because of low banner click-through rates.
  • Today, 17% of mobile users are using location-based apps, or 70mm+ of projected 2011 smartphone & tablet users.  Half of these people are concerned about privacy, but can these be mitigated by greater transparency, utility and even value-exchange dynamics we’re seeing from the deals space?

BTW, note how the linked article decries “only 17%” using LBS–it’s amazing that nearly 20% of an enormous installed base are already here and growing. New behaviors and media used to take decades, then years and now months to create. Little perspective.

  • R/GA’s Richard Ting weighs in on the cleverly named “New Social Media Splinternet”—while we’re big fans of Richard’s thinking, we respectfully disagree about holding off on experimentation with emerging platforms or that marketers lost their shirts as some platforms failed to emerge to scale. Ping us if you’d like to see our applied strategies for evaluating emerging media and its fit for your brand, strategy and objectives
  • Social-Loco 2011conference was in town last week. We’ll work on a more comprehensive recap shortly, and in the meantime, here are slides used to frame one of the great panels from the day:

In Other News: Apple


  • Make sure to turn it up a notch on your next run.  According to both Medincine & Science in Sports & Exercise and Ultimate Bootcamp, sprinting burns more fat than running longer–fits the theme from fast-spaces to fast companies to leaner start-ups; super performance is built into speed.

Weekly Round-Up 5/02/11

Shameless Plug

  • For more about Social/Local/Mobile, see us at the Social-Loco Conference—I’ll be speaking on the “Big Brand” money panel.


  • Wrap your mind around this:  Escher’s Waterfall has our mind boggling!
  • Check out Little Thor, a miniature hero who gives this year’s favorite Super Bowl character, Little Vader from the Volkswagen commercial, a run for his money.
  • Will Turnage, VP, Technology & Invention for R/GA, shows off a shirt he hacked for a South by Southwest session.  This shirt not only flashes when he taps his phone through a Bluetooth control, but also lights up when someone tweets his twitter handle.


  • AppNation brought the growing consumer application trend to the forefront of the minds of all those who were fortunate enough to attend.
  • Drew Ianni, Chairman of AppNation, joined us at Anthem Worldwide in San Francisco to share his view-from-the-top of the Apps Ecosystem.


Weekly Round-Up 4/25/11

Apps and Tablets

  • AppNation Conference hits San Francisco this week, April 27-28 at the Moscone center. Register now at Here’s a preview & taste of why this is such a big deal:

  • Like the smart phone, tablets are slowly but surely being integrated into everyday life.  We use them to watch movies, read books, and order a meal?  Massachusetts Institute of Technology dropout, Rajat Suri thinks that with his E La Carte we will all be doing just that.

Social Media

Global Social Gaming Overview

Two weeks ago, at AdTech, we presented a comprehensive overview of Social Gaming in the US.  The presentation was featured as a “Presentation of the Day” and Tim Chang of Norwest Venture Partners believes this may be the most current and comprehensive snapshot of the industry available today. You can also view the slides synchronized with the AdTech audio on Youtube.

Weekly Round-up 4/11/11

Returning to weekly round-ups to recap curation of last week’s activities in Digital Marketing:

Conference Roll-up

  • Web 2.0 Expo: “Lessons Learned Launching Dozens of Brand on Twitter”.  Key take away: content is essential and active management gives you the super fresh content a brand needs to rise to the top.
  • What do you think can change everything?  After interviewing dozens of smart people and analyzing over 100 2011-trends predictions, I distilled my thoughts into this presentation for iMedia Breakthrough: “This Can Change Everything.”
  • AdAge Digital top tweets:  75 tweets of impressions from AdAge Digital NY Conference
  • See us at adtech San Francisco presenting an overview for brands in Social Gaming. Joining this session bringing a full range of international and brand perspectives will be Jimmy Kim from Nexon in Korea, Tim Chang from Norwest Venture Partners and Kimberly Kyaw from Toyota.

Marketing Trends

Social Media

  • Facebook updates iPhone app to allow you to see friend’s locations and event check-ins on a map view. An obvious but meaningful development.

Weekly Round-up 1/31/2011


  • buys ads around the Super Bowl halftime, for animated commercials that were developed with help from
  • Twitter launches Visa-sponsored Super Bowl microsite, aggregating all the chatter about the Super Bowl into one webpage
  • Auto ads to make a Super Bowl comeback, signaling optimism as the automotive industry appears to be buying the most commercial time of any advertiser category during the game
  • I’ll be adding other round-ups of historical Superbowl spots by popular categories on this blog in the coming week. In the meantime, feel free to pop by the PepsiCo round-up from last week and weigh in on your fav there or nominate one for consideration


Speaking of Valuations…

Cyber Uprisings

  • Following in Tunisia’s footsteps, Massive Egyptian protests powered by YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitpic (Pics, Videos, Updates
  • Egypt cuts off Internet access – the country’s government has gone beyond just blocking social media sites FB and Twitter in their effort to squash communication amongst protestors

Weekly Round-Up 12/20/10

As we’re headed into the holidays we give a head-nod to the good, the less fortunate and some ways you can share your social and real capital to help others. Happy holidays.



  • Turmoil around Yahoo’s this week, with questions of it being shut down as it’s not a strategic fit for Yahoo! (TechCrunch)
  • As the “sunsetting” news continues, it’s looking like Yahoo! may be killing something else as well – consumer confidence in them

A Time for Giving

  • ‘Tis the season for goodwill towards your fellow being, and the 2010 Holiday Tweet Drive is well under way bringing toys and food to disadvantaged kids
  • Founders of start-up SwipeGood believe that giving should be simple and constant, and what better way than to have the ability to give with every credit card purchase
  • Giving is getting easier and the options are growing – check out these five different sites that make it easy to give back while socializing online

Weekly Round-Up 11/29/2010

This round-up may have been inspired by all the Black Friday-Monday marketing activity because there’s a lot of shopping and news about news to cover:

Social Shopping/Virtual-Real World

News/Reporting Looking Forward & Back

And, curate this under the “Really?” tag:

  • In its march to ubiquity Facebook could soon own the trademark for the word, “Face

Laws of Check-Ins & Facebook Places doesn’t have to be Spammy

There’s an inverse corollary I’m proposing regarding Geo-Location: the fewer friends that you have, the greater the value of a Geo-location notice from a friend and in your socialgraph. The more friends that you have, the less value your check-ins are to that larger group. There are a lot of dynamics to support this hypothesis including why people follow/friend, what more centralized networks suggest, etc.

Here’s another part to my axiom-in-the-works:  The larger your network, the greater metadata value your check-in may have and the smaller your network, the less metadata value your check-in may offer (unless millions of small-node networks are at work with the same behaviors, etc.). So if a celebrity checks into a place, it may bode well for that place’s popularity and relevance. If one of my friends checks into the taco truck down the road, maybe not so much value unless a hundred people like him do the same.

With these thoughts in mind, I needed to quiet down my check-ins on Facebook, Foursquare and Gowalla so that my socialgraph, twitter stream and other networks aren’t overwhelmed with irrelevant data. In Foursquare and Gowalla I rarely “shout” my location out to my followers in that network and even less often will allow that check-in to leak out to Twitter or Facebook. Both services have done a good job of making that behavior opt-in versus default to protect users from unintentional location announcements.

FB Places ExampleIn Facebook, you can also quiet down your Places activity. On your home or profile page, access the “Account” pull-down in the upper right corner (see image). Go into Facebook “Account” Privacy Settings (linked here). Check “Custom Settings” and edit “Places” to “only me” and whatever other person/group/etc you want to share with. It’s that complicated and easy at the same time. 🙂 Now you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of Facebook check-ins of discovering nearby deals, people, events and places without having it show up in your stream as you see in the image here.

Any other tips for maximizing Geo-Location’s utility and value while minimizing its noise-potential?

Weekly Round-Up 11/15/10

The big news from last week: We’re joining forces with Schawk!’s Anthem strategic brand services to lead the charge for digital in North America for this global, public independent company.

Other Things Digital




Weekly Round-Up 11/08/10

Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions:

News from the Digital Frontlines

Facebook News


Enjoy. Cheers!