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Dramatic Chipmunk Resurfaces

Awhile back I spoke about one Dramatic Chipmunk (later identified as a prairie dog) that held it’s 15-minutes of fame as a break-out hit on YouTube.

Was thrilled to see it resurface at a Google/YouTube agency day, where participants were encouraged to create their own User Generated Content. Look closely and you’ll see Jeb and Deirdre from our NY office showing off their mad acting skillz. Keep the day job, please.

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Avoiding Facebook Backlashing

There’s a cute little video full of Facebook insider jokes. Go ahead and play it then join the discussion below.

Used to be the imitation was the highest form of flattery. Perhaps we should consider other forms of expression such as parody, satire or sarcasm (in some cases all three) high flattery.

Here’s a music video that it really takes an insider to catch all the references. You must really have fallen in love with this platform to express such intimate knowledge and express such a passionate falling out.

What’s the take-away, if any, for those in the ecosystem:

  1. Create value not applications.  If we start with real value creation for an audience with sensitivity to expression in the social graph, the brand, consumer and platform win. BTW, “create value, not applications” is a cute headline to suggest a better starting place than a brief that reads “we need a facebook applcation.” In reality, value can easily be expressed as an application as we’ve seen in the phenomenal growth of applications from RockYou and Slide.
  2. Look for innovation not imitation. It’s too early for this platform to have seen everything that can be done, so why does everything want to bite, compare, etc.? These aren’t just best practices, they’re launch pads to innovation. 
  3. Perpetual Beta/Revs. Consumer boredom is a natural progression and happens faster in the digital channel where novelty can wear off in seconds–just watch the regression curve of this video in 30-days.  The solution is to launch with something killer and then have your next 2-3 iterations budgeted and either concepted serially or designed from user input in beta.
  4. And stop the poking. 🙂

Thanks Emily for forwarding. Add your reactions and thoughts below in the comments.
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Good Use of Video to Reposition Brand

before the redesignBaby Einstein hired Real Branding to re-position their line through the digital channel. As you can see from the “before” shot to the left, we repositioned from a product towards a brand, from functional benefits to emotional in a few simple videos. These videos also serve to demo the product versus the static image you see on most ecommerce sites.  Our challenge was to take highly functional transactional requirements and marry them with equally demanding emotional expectations. This isn’t a TV spot or a print ad, but consider for a moment how much information is conveyed within your first three clicks.

There are also great tools for selecting the right products based on age, stages, fancy or fascination through simple exploration. And we’ve invited parents to share their experiences at every touch.

Without opening up the strategy completely, we’re moving the brand to a “smarter” place which parents intuitively understand: that the most powerful learning happens within their arms and intimacy, where Baby Einstein has always advocated and delivered.

Mad props to the team that delivered business-changing engagements in a transactional website for a Real Brand.

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Superbowl Effect on Twitter

Twitter Blog shows us the Super Bowl effect from the live event. You can see week-over-week change in the blue versus green lines and they’ve called out actual events (TD, fumble) where the smack talk, rejoicing or commiserating were in full gear. Seems to suggest higher value in Second Half viewing over First Half; congrats to Coca-Cola’s planners/buyers.

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Some Twitter Hacks

Last week I wrote about how I pipe tweats, posts and links from one space to another with greater efficiency thanks to the magic of rss/widgets. I’m not a coder and pretty much learn by tips from others or trying things out. One of the concerns I’ve had is that when I make a twitter post, if I’m not following my account I miss people responding via the @marksilva convention. How do you track and capture all these?

I found a pretty cool way that I might add to a sidebar here (have to consider if utility is of value). Using the awesome Terraminds twitter search engine, I simply search on @marksilva and now have an RSS feed from these results. Anyone can subscribe to it.  I’ve created an area of my Flock browser sidebar to subscribe to top folks I follow, which means I get a message-board like conversation that has the original post and all responses embedded as well.

If you know a better way to do this short of scripting/coding, please share below. Cheers! silva

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Coolspotting on “Sleeveface” courtesy the team at Real Branding. Simple, pure, addictive. enjoy. Kinda like that HP printer campaign but more natural. The description:

Funny trend that caught on when a DJ in an England club held the cover of an old vinyl copy of “McCartney II” up to his face while playing records, making it appear as if the former Beatle’s heavily mulleted head had briefly replaced his own. It’s caught onand has people submitting their own photos. Even has it own Facebook group. Not to be confused with the “bookface” group. 🙂

Shout out to OA & JB for sharing.

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Give While You Get Holiday Card

countrycrockholiday.jpgCountry Crock has teamed up with HD Greetings to deliver a simple message: spread the joy during the holidays by sending a custom video ecard and share a story to feed a family. For each story shared on Country Crock’s website, they donate a meal to Second Harvest. The ecard includes a pan around a stylized 3D hearth into which you can upload your own picture, choose your own music and play a message from Amy Grant supporting the cause. Take five minutes to make the holiday brighter for someone you don’t know.

Why is Coke There for Virtual Worlds?

Jack Myers covered The Coca-Cola virtual world investment at in The Myers Report last week. If you were at my “Myth Buster” panel at iMedia earlier in the week, you’d conclude that every major brand marketer, their agencies and media company partners are fleeing Virtual Worlds in droves. I’ll post a follow-up stat from a live poll taken at the conference, but my recall is over 2/3 pronounced Second Live as a proxy for Virtual Worlds “done.” Continue reading

Uplifting Bra Vids

playtexfits.jpgPlaytexbacks their tagline “who knows you like we do” with a simple, insightful campaign that’s also a YouTube hit. Doesn’t hurt that they’re promoting the video everywhere the 18 Hour Comfort Lace videos appear–smart planning and execution–but more importantly the ads are honest. Women of many shapes, sizes and ethnicities take the objectifying power out of the fetish by talking openly, bras bared, about their “friends.” Meet Lacy and Casey and other favorite names, see women dance in bras and experience the celebration of marketing that knows women better than the male lurkers that are bound to flock as well. Take a peek:

Props to Emily for passing along. To quote the campaign, “ta tas” for now.

Flights from hell theme

This week I sat for three hours on a runway at New York’s JFK heading back to SF experiencing what appears to be the status quo in travel. Like many, I’ve lost my patience and am taking it up in a blog. Below you’ll find other voices taking the same tact using video to show the incompetence and truly inane behaviors that have been “trained into” what must have been perfectly good people. Continue reading