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Inspired by Steve Jobs

Everyone who had the good fortune to work at or around Apple has a “Steve Jobs Story.” After Steve resigned as Apple’s CEO on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 there was a flood of “Steve Jobs Stories.” Some really good ones; I encourage you to search and find them. At that time I wondered if his eulogy was already written in those days following his resignation.

His eulogy hadn’t been written–that reaction to his resignation was the tip of the iceberg. Even more stories with an outpouring of support, grief, love and admiration poured out online and in the mainstream news as we all learned of Steve passing on Wednesday, October 5th. Personally, I got choked up explaining to my children what he meant to me personally and to us as region, country and world. More than anything, he is and will probably always be the closest human representation of what I preach to them daily: The Power of an Idea. Carl Jung liked to quote the Chinese Master saying “a man thinking rightly alone in a room can be heard thousands of miles away.” Steve Jobs made those thoughts reality to our greater benefit.

Here’s one “Steve Jobs Story” I’ve paraphrased and likely mangled in translation that came to me from a friend. I found it inspiring and a little insightful:

My friend was going to present internal communications programs to Steve Jobs—you know, the kind of stuff you see by the elevators and in the cafeteria for large corporate campuses. He previously had success with an employee referral program that was well received, captured the culture and delivered the message. And, of course, it was beautiful. The VP, concerned they needed to convey scope in their preparation and thinking, asked for 10 different campaigns in addition to the one in place. You know the drill: panic, long-hours, ideation, preparation. Then the big day. As nearly a dozen full-designed campaigns circled the room, Steve Jobs entered the room in classic black mock tee and jeans with blown-out knees. He had a friend in tow. Without missing a beat with a dismissive sweeping arm gesture Jobs declared:


He then sat down, carried on a conversation for nearly 30-minutes with his friend about what made great culture and internal communications. At some point, Jobs mentioned something that caught his eye from past work. My friend pointed to his original campaign and Jobs nodded his approval, stood and exited the room.

What was “uninspired?” The work or the presentation format? Or too much of the same—you know how some ideas are too thin or simply deserve to die? Or a lack of conviction to narrow the selection and lead with a strong perspective? Your guess is as good as anyone’s–pls add to comments below.

So here’s to inspired work. To inspiring others. To changing the way people think when they see and interact with your work. To thinking different. To the confidence to live it. To joining in bringing a culture that inspires. Be Great.

Or as Steve quoted from Whole Earth Catalog in his now-famous Stanford commencement speech:  “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”


Weekly Round-Up 6/13/2011

Most of the attention was about WWDC and Apple’s announcements although we should probably mention something about Groupon’s IPO Announcment:

And now a little bit about Groupon IPO plans to raise $750mm. Some highlights from filing:

  • 7,000 employees and 83 million subscribers in 43 countries
  • $714 mm in revenue up from $30mm the year before
  • With claims of a frothy valuation, not surprising to see All Things D report on the Groupon reporting “Smack-down” following the IPO announcement
Closing with a fun little conceptual hack worthy of a big Apple announcement week. This “invisible phone” uses hand gestures and a depth-aware camera to interface with your smartphone–essentially allowing it to sit in your pocket or purse.

Weekly Round-Up 10/04/10

Social Media


AOL Acquisitions


  • 5min media video acquired for $65mm
  • AOL acquires Thing Labs founded by Jason Shellen — Congratulations to Jason and team as he continues his winning streak building great value and bringing it into a larger platform (past wins include Google Reader, greenlighting FeedBurner at Google and Blogger with Biz & Ev).


Weekly Round Up 9/07/10

Competition heats up with new products, features announcements and new battleground forming in Censorship

If you judged last week’s news by buzz monitoring, the share of voice would land easily in Apple’s camp as their fall event introduced a new line up of iPods, operating systems features, AppleTV and a social music service called Ping. Looking beyond Steve Job’s presentation and masterful marketing machine you can see competition heating up on a number of fronts:

Competing for talent: Google Making Extraordinary Counteroffers To Stop Flow Of Employees To Facebook

Google competing with Skype & Microsoft? Last week’s round-up included mention of Gmail’s voice calling capabilities, making it a telephony & Skype market disrupter. This week, it’s all about lowering the switching barriers on your current email services, like Microsoft’s Outlook and RIM’s mobile email client, through removing inbox-overload pain. Read more:  Gmail just got a whole lot smarter with Priority Inbox – an adaptive algorithm that aids in identifying urgent priority emails, and helps to cut down on “insignificant email” reading time.

Competing for wallets: Social Gaming’s popularity continues to rise, and Facebook makes their smart entry into brick and mortar stores. Target to Sell Facebook Credits as Gift Cards in Stores

Competing for time/SocialNetworking value: Apple’s new Ping rocks out as it allows you to see what music your friends are digging, as well as connect with your favorite music artists and see what they’re tuned into. Preview: Apple’s Ping Music Social Network In Action on iOS.

Competing on form/platoform:

Censorship in the news:

Any big market news I missed from last week? Post it in comments below.

Mobile OS Numbers for August 2010

In his keynote speech at the Apple fall event Steve Jobs talked about Apple iOS  adding 230,000 new installs per day–the highest of all when ignoring updates he things.  Reacting to the multiplayer game demonstrated on stage, Jobs leaned forward and said “it’s on a phone,” capturing the delight of what the combination of Appstore plus hardware features– retina scan, accelerometer, gyro, mutli-touch, wireless, etc.–and iOS advances such as multiplayer gaming, genius, ping and wifi support for monitors (via AppleTV) and printing bring to the device formerly known as your phone. It’s not one but all of these innovations and features that define why they lead. So, expect the continue march of Android and also expect the continued dominance of the mac iOS. FWIW, I’m Android by phone and iPad, iPod, OS, etc. by wifi/mifi so that I can exploit both platforms. With a host of new Android/Froyo Tablets set to launch, I’ll have the choice to park my carrier with any device while still getting the strengths of each platform. Leads to an interesting question–is the OS driving your carrier selection still? IMHO, it won’t in 6-months to 1 year unless carriers can bring some value to the table.

Apple by the Numbers According to Jobs

In today’s Apple event announcing new product news around an entirely revamped iPod product line, re-formed AppleTV and other innovations, Steve Jobs shared some performance numbers across a variety of devices, platforms and markets. More than the features, the numbers interested me. Probably the biggest one is 160 million user accounts with 1-click buying ability. Here’s a run-down of those numbers:

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