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Will Apps Disrupt Every Trad Media While Establishing a New One?

Perhaps the title question is too narrow and should focus on industries Apps will disrupt beyond Media, and my prediction is that Apps will disrupt nearly everything from the way we consume and engage with brands and media to how we transact, visualize, congregate and curate our daily lives and loves. With that thunderous prediction let me offer a couple of windows into the Apps EcoSystem which Gartner predicts will become $58 Billion in a few years and conclude with some thoughts informing these predictions:

  • AppNation Conference in San Francisco this Wednesday and Thursday, April 27-28, promises to deliver the “State of the Art” view of the EcoSystem. Register to attend in person and catch full-benefit of networking with founders and leaders in this emerging space or follow the hashtag on twitter: #appnationconf 
  • Spend an hour with Drew Ianni, AppNation Chairman and Founder, presenting his view from the top of the Apps Ecosystem. Former Wall Street and Jupiter Analyst as well as top guy at ad:tech, Drew created AppNation to provide the best and biggest conference for the space. You can catch his Briefing at Anthem San Francisco here:

  • And, here are the companion slides to the video:

Some additional thoughts to complement my prediction that Apps will disrupt nearly every business and consumer interaction:

As Drew points out the value chain is shifting from the hardware–although the most elegant hardware can win massive share as we’ve seen with the iPad and iPhone–to the software or Apps on these devices. This content spans devices and channels jumping from Social/Web to Mobile and PC/Tablets and eventually connected TVs. This shift has been swift and taken the most immediately associated/impacted industries by storm and surprise. PC veteran, Michael Dell, admitted yesterday that he didn’t see Tablets coming and PC-maker Acer reported 24% drop in sales as a result of tablet disruption.  The primary utility for Tablets? Apps.

As a result of this consumer draw, we can anticipate new, creative business models and entertainment forms to emerge and become as large a part of popular culture as anything Hollywood has ever produced. And, of course, Hollywood may spawn and will appropriate these new entertain forms.

As we’ve seen with Social Media, consumer adoption and new behaviors will inspire enterprise adoption as well. So, my prediction started in the title with Media, the most obvious place for disruption as we see media transformed with superior features, connectivity and transaction abilities to change how we think about distribution and engagement with Print, Radio, TV and even the Internet media that came before Apps. In establishing a new medium and channel it’s important to emphasize this is about disruption not replacing or destroying. Incombent business models will have to evolve and embrace the new medium to survive and thrive in the disruption.

Will Apps have their own mass-events like the Oscars, Grammy’s, Cannes or Tony’s? They already have their own conference. Hope to catch you at AppNation this week and every year going forward. Cheers!

Weekly Round-Up 9/27/10


In case you missed it, some breaking numbers and general overview of the state of an AppNation–Apps ecosystem .

Social Mission

Soon, all brands will have clearly articulated social missions as part of their go-to-market strategy. Join our experiment in Social Missions and take a close look at the leading corporate example in scale, vision and implementation, Pepsi Refresh.

Location based

Geolocation space is the one to watch right now, as impact, device-counts, networks, meta-data, distribution and applications continue to grow: – 5 Important New Trends in Location


Smart critical review of new movie, The Social Network = Hollywood’s inferiority, fear & awe for Silicon Valley projected on a cold (& fictional) Zuckerberg

Social Gaming

Advertising virtually absent from Social Gaming at Gamer Confab – 225mm Monthly Average Users (MAUs) for Zynga alone need engagement. Good follow-up to last week’s round-up w/posts on Playdom and SocialGaming; more soon on our take on the space for markters.


Confirmed: Twitter to Launch Real-Time Analytics Dashboard, for Free!


Cable TV model has only “several years” left, says Verizon CEO

Interview: Ken Willner, Zumobi CEO

This week we caught up with Ken Willner, CEO of Zumobi, at the AppNation conference. Zumobi builds mobile apps for media companies and marketers and also have built an ad network for in-App advertising. Ken’s got a great perspective earned from 15-years agency-side then in the senior marketing role at AT&T before taking up his current role. With millions of uniques a month over a wide variety of apps, we pressed Ken for some thoughts on what they’re seeing in the space. Here’s the interview:


  • How important Moms are in Apps category. Huge demand for creating content for that category
  • Smart-phone discussion: iPhone/iOS is still winning, but Android coming up fast
  • Two platform development simplicity part of what’s driving the market, but it’s been catalyzed by Apple–vertical integration of software, device, vision, etc. to create model that others can then replicate

What are you seeing out there? Either/or or And when it comes to Apps and device preferences?