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On A Mission with Blogher

During Pepsico10 we caught up with Gina Garrubbo, Exec Vice President of Blogher. Our chat spanned blogger engagement, blogging principles and a little about Blogher, the company and her impressions of the event. Thought it was interesting that Gina described Blogher as a “mission-based company.” ¬†When you see more about their company below it may be more apparent why it’s ingenious that they position their solution this way. That notion sparked some thinking for me which will be presented in a future post. In the meantime, here’s a few minutes with Gina Garrubbo.

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Hiatus Explanation

As those following me in Facebook, Twitter, delicious, slideshare and Friendfeed know, I’m not lacking in things to share, learn about and connect around in SocialMedia. And I’m spending the same amount of time as before, but the blog–an important platform for “Search Signals” and visibility in SocialMedia–has fallen behind. There was a recent NY Times article and a TechGeist follow that asserted that most blogs are ghost towns because the content is most often navel-gazing about mundane daily life. Funny, that’s what they’ve maligned Twitter with since it’s inception. In fact, my wife still calls Twitter the “wiping my posterior” medium in less polite terms.

My hiatus has been on account of time, prioritization, a little hunkermania and heavier use of other forms. But mostly the latter. Twitter’s replaced a lot of this activity and between @-replies on twitter and comments in Facebook and FriendFeed I get more immediate and frequent commentary than you’ll see in the area below. It also takes the commentary into some open spaces as well as behind the doors of SocialNets giving participants an opportunity to react in their preferred communication forms and levels of dynamic personalization.

So, while the blog platform’s been quiet lately the Search, SocialGraph and other SocialMedia channels have been as active as ever. Looking forward to connecting here and there. Cheers!

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