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Social Bookmarking from CommonCraft

For some reason, Social Bookmarking inquiries have been on the rise from clients lately. Not so much a demand for custom applications/marketing programs, but more “how does it work?” For some it’s a basic question of relevance and benefit. For others it’s a big-think question about its role in the armada of Social Media activity with which they engage, recognize, reward and participate in social spaces around their core values and brand attributes. Here’s a little three and a half-minute primer from Lee LeFeever from The CommonCraft show.

Done viewing? Good. The video is a good beginner primer for context. There are significant benefits to the micro-content generated from bookmarking beyond what Lee and company laid out here awhile ago. Micro-content formats include tags, descriptors, titles, date/times and more. Some bookmarking includes rating to qualify the quality of the content and its relevance. Any and all of these micro “events” can be captured as data exhaust to the benefit of a larger communication program.

As with much of Web 2.0/Social Media, a small percent of the community using these tools create a disproportionate amount of the value. Many of these creators see it as their mission to improve the taxonomy in their ecosystem. Others use it as a simple syndication/publishing tool, as Lee and team propose.

Killer app for collaboration: I’ve set up an account for my wife and I to co-index content around Celiac, which act as reference from our phones for dietary allowances and restrictions. That way, when we’re out shopping and reading package ingredient labels at retail or looking for a place to dine we have reference articles, blog posts and user reviews at our fingertips.

You can also view or subscribe to my bookmarks and find them in the sidebar of this blog or in my Friend Feed stream.

How do you use bookmarking? Please comment below.

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