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Inspired Thinking

There are more resources surfacing inspired thinking thanks to Web 2.0. YouTube videos catch like wildfire thanks to ratings, sharing, embedding and bookmarking. The Flickr stream–even the one in the right column of this blog–has uncovered beauty and provocations. Digg gets inspiration voted to the surface. And in my daily twitter stream–also displayed in the right column if their service isn’t down–offers posts from those I follow that never fail to inspire. In a previous post I applauded those that take the common and infuses it with inspiration. Today, there’s no lack of sources of inspiration nor ways to find it.

Here are a couple of inspired snacks, courtesy of Dave McClure:

 Jan Von Holleben, Flying

And 37 Signals:

Thanks to Rodney Rumford for tweeting the BMW Gina vid/post. Awesome inspiration about thinking around a challenge.