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Weekly Round-Up 10/04/10

Social Media


AOL Acquisitions


  • 5min media video acquired for $65mm
  • AOL acquires Thing Labs founded by Jason Shellen — Congratulations to Jason and team as he continues his winning streak building great value and bringing it into a larger platform (past wins include Google Reader, greenlighting FeedBurner at Google and Blogger with Biz & Ev).


Weekly Round-Up 9/13/2010

In case you missed some posts from a given week and a variety of curation approaches I use between Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and more, I’ll endeavor to serve the most talked-about news in these round-ups. It makes for easier reference and archiving than feeds like Twitter and Facebook which “age” quickly through volume or time to become more difficult to recover. Here’s a look back to the weekend and beyond:

Facebook News:

Facetime News:

Google: Making Noise About Display

Social Gaming

Virgin Mobile + Android

What else should be on last week’s round-up. Did I miss anything? Please post below. Cheers!

Weekly Round Up 9/07/10

Competition heats up with new products, features announcements and new battleground forming in Censorship

If you judged last week’s news by buzz monitoring, the share of voice would land easily in Apple’s camp as their fall event introduced a new line up of iPods, operating systems features, AppleTV and a social music service called Ping. Looking beyond Steve Job’s presentation and masterful marketing machine you can see competition heating up on a number of fronts:

Competing for talent: Google Making Extraordinary Counteroffers To Stop Flow Of Employees To Facebook

Google competing with Skype & Microsoft? Last week’s round-up included mention of Gmail’s voice calling capabilities, making it a telephony & Skype market disrupter. This week, it’s all about lowering the switching barriers on your current email services, like Microsoft’s Outlook and RIM’s mobile email client, through removing inbox-overload pain. Read more:  Gmail just got a whole lot smarter with Priority Inbox – an adaptive algorithm that aids in identifying urgent priority emails, and helps to cut down on “insignificant email” reading time.

Competing for wallets: Social Gaming’s popularity continues to rise, and Facebook makes their smart entry into brick and mortar stores. Target to Sell Facebook Credits as Gift Cards in Stores

Competing for time/SocialNetworking value: Apple’s new Ping rocks out as it allows you to see what music your friends are digging, as well as connect with your favorite music artists and see what they’re tuned into. Preview: Apple’s Ping Music Social Network In Action on iOS.

Competing on form/platoform:

Censorship in the news:

Any big market news I missed from last week? Post it in comments below.

Weekly round-up 8/31/10

Enough activity on bookmarking, favoriting and facebooking in the past week to begin to roll them into a round-up post:

M&A goodness coming in threes- As balance sheets swell start-up and mid-market companies find buyers on a shopping spree.

Speaking of Google…Google added voice calls to gmail. Significant news due to scale, integration, implications for expediting non-carrier wifi solutions for consumers. Free in US & Canada, 2-cents to call elsewhere. I see the banditos Carriers like Telemex–who once charged me $50 for a five-minute emergency call–dripping with irony as they scream “foul!” Encourage you to try it out right away. Feel free to call me :-).

From App to Hollywood & FAO – Angry Birds, the iPhone game whose popularity has soared and entertained many, is working on getting a plush toy line and their people are talking to people about a movied deal. You’ll hear this theme continually from me: The Valley is not just creating the technology that’s doing more to change consumer’s behaviors and expectations than Hollywood and Madison Avenue combined; it’s also creating the best entertainment of any kind. Anyone got options on “Farmville The Movie?”

Quotable Stats: Some findings on how influential active Twitter users are, and their engagement with brands online– “Study Finds Twitter Users Three Times More Likely to Impact Brands Online