Mobile OS Numbers for August 2010

In his keynote speech at the Apple fall event Steve Jobs talked about Apple iOS  adding 230,000 new installs per day–the highest of all when ignoring updates he things.  Reacting to the multiplayer game demonstrated on stage, Jobs leaned forward and said “it’s on a phone,” capturing the delight of what the combination of Appstore plus hardware features– retina scan, accelerometer, gyro, mutli-touch, wireless, etc.–and iOS advances such as multiplayer gaming, genius, ping and wifi support for monitors (via AppleTV) and printing bring to the device formerly known as your phone. It’s not one but all of these innovations and features that define why they lead. So, expect the continue march of Android and also expect the continued dominance of the mac iOS. FWIW, I’m Android by phone and iPad, iPod, OS, etc. by wifi/mifi so that I can exploit both platforms. With a host of new Android/Froyo Tablets set to launch, I’ll have the choice to park my carrier with any device while still getting the strengths of each platform. Leads to an interesting question–is the OS driving your carrier selection still? IMHO, it won’t in 6-months to 1 year unless carriers can bring some value to the table.

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