Weekly Round-Up 10/25/10



  • It’s not official yet, but may be a reality early next year – All you need to know about a (possible) Verizon iPhone
  • As we enter the holiday season, or season of giving, it’s encouraging to know that opportunities for acts of charity are at our fingertips – Social good is as easy as texting
  • Mobile Ad spending can top $1 billion in 2011 (report) http://on.mash.to/9unPSz

Social Media

Other News

  • Fast Company – For millennials, brands may be as important as religion, ethnicity
  • The Starbucks Digital Network that Howard Schultz unveiled at the Wired Biz Conf earlier this year is now live, and brewing up curated web content–currently a “walled garden” approach
Alan Feldenkris, Real Branding

Alan Feldenkris, Managing Director, NY Real Branding

Pivot Conference

  • Last week Chris Shipley & team hosted Pivot Con, a great conference aimed at marketers trying to better understand and reach Millennials 18-34 years old
  • Real Branding’s Alan Feldenkris, Managing Director for New York, hosted a series of speakers addressing “The New Marketing Organization.” Alan kicked things off with a little about how we keep up with and approach technology, brands and new consumer realities. You can see his introductions, topic speakers and Q&A/Pannel here.
  • We tested a new tool, Curated.by, to save the best tweets from the conference. You can breeze through dozens of tweets culled from the various hashtags and related posters.

Humorous tweet of the week from Kevin Doohan: “Chile mine rescue play set ‘includes wives and mistresses’ http://gr8sh.it/cw9icg

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