Global Social Gaming Overview

On Tuesday April 12 we presented a sweeping overview of Social Gaming from its scope, scale and size in the US to the development of this space around the world. We shared how marketers can engage consumers in the space and wrapped with some informative case studies by Toyota. Some impressions, slides, video and links follow.

To introduce the content it’s worth noting that, with the exception of data available via Facebook’s APIs, much of data currently available on the space is shrouded in Non-Disclosure Agreements and buried in marketing strategy and analysis documents deep in the bowels of the gaming studios and the marketing organizations that have been first to adopt this channel. Why? As you’ll hear/see in our presentation (apologies to the late Warren Zevon for the crude paraphrasing) “Lawyers, Marketing & Money” are the new Intellectual Property (IP) of this space. So, you can imagine that this IP is preciously guarded and protected.  In searching Slideshare and YouTube, most of the content you’ll find is basic or conference coverage and much of it is dated. In fact, this space moves so quickly that stats and leaderboards that I originally had in our deck from the beginning of the year were dramatically different by the time we presented four months later.  Take this into account as you review the content below and reapply any of the slideware.

The contributors deserve an introduction as well.

Kim Kyaw of Toyota brought the brand perspective to the session. She generously shared the connection moment and strategic fit for Prius and Social Gaming and then provided some mechanics of their programs along with some performance metrics.

Jimmy Kim, Founder and CEO of NexoNova Studio, the wholly-owned Social Gaming division of Nexon shared his unique perspective of the Asian markets, the cultural and financial performance differences along with some examples of what’s working. In addition to being an entertaining, sharp presenter we included Jimmy in part because we believe a mobile-centric culture like Korea represents a view to the future of Social Gaming in the U.S. which is largely desktop-based today. The future, IMHO, includes higher rates of monetization, longer tenure of users and engagement per session, higher Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and amazing levels of profitability.

Tim Chang, Partner at Norwest Venture Partners, rounded out our group with a VCs perspective of: the amazing first-chapter of Social Gaming–version 1.0 is over in just 24-months and Zynga has won;  the global market and a little crystal ball of things to come. Tim earned his perspective placing bets in the space around the world and his investments have yielded the highest exits today with over $1 billion in market value from Playdom and Ngmoco.

Here is the slideware we presented:

And the here’s the hour-long video we created by timing the slides to the session audio which was captured by the show:

If you watch the video or have any impressions, please tweet as if you were attending the live session using the #socialgaming hashtag and url shortener:

Finally, Manny Anekal, Zynga’s Director of Brand Advertising, shared how they’re approaching marketing within their  games and gave some solid case studies. It’s a GREAT complement to the content we presented in our overview and worth the 20-minutes to review:

Looking forward.

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